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Ana Bella Millinery has a distinct advantage as a milliner with her brand based across both England and Australia, this dual location has led to her distinctive and glamorous headwear rapidly catching the attention of press across both countries – and everywhere in-between. Titles including Hello, Vogue and Hatalk have all featured Ana Bella Millinery. More recently, Ana’s designs were featured on Dubai TV after winning the "Dubai World Cup, Best Hat  Award and Longines Most Elegant Lady”, this led to Ana’s millinery brand being sought after for many similar events!

After training under legendary British milliners including Sophie Beale and Noel Stewart, she learned a sense of uniqueness which remains with her work to this day. The diverse nature of Ana’s work led to her also becoming a member of the Millinery Association of Australia.

After launching her brand, Ana’s millinery quickly became a sensation, with beautiful structured millinery pieces that make a woman stand out at events and in luxury situations.

Working closely alongside her clients and creating a collection that is ready to wear, Ana Bella Millinery is always shockingly beautiful. Appearing to take inspiration from a glamorous era, classic money and structure – Ana’s creations still have a contemporary feel that is dramatically decadent. 

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